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  • FullstackPho


  • Alexander Oviawe

    Alexander Oviawe

    Infinite Learner, Design Thinker, Problem-Solver. Former Physiologist, interested in Psychology. Founder of PsychogenX. www.psychogenx.health

  • Nyasha Duri

    Nyasha Duri

    Transparency at mySociety (open source civic tech). Chair of the Board at PCAP. Helping people develop fulfilling careers as a Fellow at Founders of the Future.

  • Rose Annor

    Rose Annor

  • muna mohamed

    muna mohamed

  • Andy Ayim

    Andy Ayim

    @AndysHVC | 🚀 Phil 4:13 | 🌍Father, Business Builder, Patient Capital Investor |💡 Angel Investing School

  • Oyin Falade

    Oyin Falade

  • James McAulay

    James McAulay

    Encore Co-Founder & CEO. Connecting musicians with new performance opportunities and each other. Cellist. Cyclist. Homesick Scotsman.

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